most Périgord specialties combined on a pizza

Chef of the La Grande Prade campsite snack bar, in La Cassagne (Dordogne) for four seasons, this native of Beynac committed his first culinary feats of arms at the restaurant des Remparts, which he ran for eighteen years, opposite the medieval fortress of Beynac, and on various summer stoves in the region.

The pizza is separated into three parts: tourin, porcini mushrooms and cabécous.

Frank Delage

South East Asia

The winters, he likes to spend them in Southeast Asia, since always. Between pad thai and khao phat, he never forgets the treasures of the Dordogne and the map of the campsite run by his friend Johan Leclerc. This year, he brought back in his suitcases a funny idea: a pizza that would decline an entire Périgord menu.

Thus was born a pizza that splits into three to accommodate a third of a tourin (garlic soup reduced in cream for the recipe), then sleeves of duck with porcini mushrooms and parsley, as well as goat cheese and cabécous. Fresh from the wood oven, extremely tasty, soft and no less satisfying, it is sold for 12 euros to amazed campers and locals who are admitted to this summer table. To complete the pleasure, it is eaten on the terrace above the swimming pool, a head of garlic from the vast pond dedicated to fishing.

The campsite team around chef Jérôme Nouhaud and his pizza which offers a wide range of Périgord gastronomy.

The campsite team around chef Jérôme Nouhaud and his pizza which offers a wide range of Périgord gastronomy.

Frank Delage

“Last year, he made a pizza of duck breast, prunes and goat cheese”

In the heat of summer, when the chef turns into a pizza maker on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday evenings, he dons a Ninja Turtles scarf and the pseudonym of Manolo. “He has always been very inventive,” enthuses his boss and friend, originally from Paris who has clearly become a Périgord epicurean since his father took over the campsite in 1992. “I give him carte blanche. Last year, he made a pizza with duck breast, prunes and goat cheese. But this year, with the bird flu, our local producer, Lionel Lacon, in Pazayac, could only get us candied sleeves. »

Winning trio

All the ingredients are from the same local vein. The goat’s cheese comes from the Malard family in La Cassagne, the porcini mushrooms from the surrounding forest, picked up by the team (but they won’t say where exactly). “I make a real turn, advances Manolo, to return to the pizza. I thicken it with a duck fat roux. I crumble my sleeves, which I sauté with the porcini mushrooms. » This winning trio is prepared on a house dough, lightly tomato, to preserve the Périgord subtleties.

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