Meta and Apple are in a deep philosophical battle to craft the Metaverse

In recent years, augmented reality and virtual reality have gained ground. On this subject, Mark Zuckerberg said that the future of the Internet will depend on the outcome of a battle between the Cupertino company and Meta. These two tech giants never got along and that’s one of the reasons Zuckerberg confirmed that Apple is going to be his direct competitor in the metaverse. He added that the battle will not only be played out at the product level but also at a “philosophical” level.

Recall that the metaverse is a term coined in 1992 by Neal Stephenson in the science fiction novel entitled “Snowfall”. This term refers to the fact that the Internet exists as an immersive virtual world. The metaverse is accessible through a combination of augmented reality and virtual reality. Furthermore, Meta maintains that the metaverse represents the future, but Apple has never commented on the subject.


Why does Zuckerberg speak of a philosophical competition?

Meta’s CEO told employees that between Apple and his company, there is a very deep competition of philosophies and ideas to build the metaverse. For its part, Apple says that by doing everything itself and integrating tightly, it builds a better customer experience. While Zuckerberg argues that by approaching the subject of the metaverse in an open way, they were trying to build a more open ecosystem.

Ever since Facebook became Meta, Zuckerberg has been pushing to institute the concept of interoperability for the metaverse. However, his statement claims that it is not defined in advance whether an open or closed ecosystem will be better.

Meta wants its technology to be compatible with Android phones

If his project takes off as he hopes, Zuckerberg wants to position Meta as Android against Apple’s iOS. Additionally, Meta’s Quest headset already allows sideloading of apps which is not endorsed by Meta’s VR App Store.

Indeed, Meta is looking for an effective way not to be under the control of Apple on mobile. The battle between these two giants promises to last a long time yet. Especially since there is another battleground: user privacy.



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