Meghan Markle: victim of a terrible stroke, her father Thomas finally gives her news!

  • Last May, Meghan Markle’s father was involved in an accident. Which apparently caused his stroke. On Monday, August 1, 2022, Thomas Markle finally made his appearance on television. An opportunity for him to address a word to the presenter and to all the British people, but especially to his son.

Meghan Markle: Her father was the victim of a terrible accident

Many were shocked to hear this bad news. In particular, the accident suffered by the father of Meghan Markle on May 23. As a reminder, it was just a few days before the celebration of the jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

The incident happened while he was shopping. The man fell and was taken to hospital where he remained for five days.

Indeed, following the accident, Meghan Markle’s father made a stroke. Obviously, the latter caused serious consequences for Thomas Markle.

Moreover, the man cannot yet speak until now, as he showed this Monday, August 1, 2022. Indeed, in a video, we see him equipping himself with a slate to express himself . Apparently, it was on GB News that he wanted to declare his return.

A very touching video for his son

This is what his son, Thomas Jr Markle wanted to confide in recently. In an interview with the journalist Dan Woottonthe brother of Meghan Markle wants to thank his father.

Indeed, the latter wrote a very touching message for the one who takes care of him daily.

Thus, we can see in this video what the father of Meghan Markle wrote. “Hi Dan, thank you,” he wrote to start. Which he then added with: “As well as to the British people… For the best wishes and good wishes”.

This footage was shared by the DailyMail. We can see Thomas Markle at the edge of the beach.

Meghan Markle: Thomas Markle is making great strides

Obviously, the video was very touching. Besides, it is the first appearance that Meghan Markle’s father has done since his accident. As he had promised shortly after his stroke.

Indeed, Thomas Markle would like to thank all those who supported him with messages during his stay in the hospital. And of course he did.

It was three months after his accident that Meghan Markle’s father fulfilled his promise. Apparently, Thomas Markle is still continuing this uphill battle to regain speech every day.

Indeed, the man is far from giving up. As he said ” I want to heal“. Which he then continued with, “I’m so lucky to have received incredible care and love… Thank you everyone.”

According to his son, the man is starting to train with a speech therapist and is making great progress.

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