Mathieu (Married at first sight) as a couple: photo of his charming companion and beautiful statement

Love knocked on the door of one of the former contestants of Married at first sight. On August 1, 2022, the man in question revealed to his community that he was in a relationship. He did not fail to present the one that makes his heart beat.

Mathieu was revealed in Married at first sight 2021. He and his twin brother Aurélien hoped to meet the woman of their life thanks to the M6 ​​dating show. But he experienced a big disappointment. Julie, the one he was to marry, made the choice to abandon the adventure shortly before the wedding. Since then, the charming brunette has come a long way. Currently, Enola and Nathan’s dad is in a relationship with a pretty blonde. A relationship that he formalized a few days ago.

To do this, Mathieu posted a photo in which his dear and tender appears smiling, fixing the objective, sitting on a deckchair. The couple were at the beach when they captured the moment. “Thank you for everything you give me every day my love… Your generosity, your big heart, your beautiful soul and many other qualities make you a wonderful woman, my wonderful woman… For all this, my heart, however, closed to saying YES and let itself be naturally transported into a life as a couple. I like you“, can we read in the caption of the publication.

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