Marriage of Joakim Noah: photos of his kisses with the sublime Lais Ribeiro, to seal their love

July 13, 2022 will forever remain a date engraved in the head and heart of Joakim Noah. Engaged since January 2019 to the sublime model Lais Ribeiro, it took the 37-year-old former basketball player almost three years before marrying his half, aged 31. The global pandemic having undoubtedly upset their plans. But no matter this long delay, it was worth the wait!

To live the best day of their lives, Joakim Noah and Lais Ribeiro have surrounded themselves with the people who mean the most to them. Their families of course, but also their friends. Very close to his clan, Joakim Noah knew that everyone would make the trip to Brazil, where his wedding took place, a magnificent romantic ceremony.

It is on the beach of Trancoso, in front of the sea, feet in the sand and dressed in white that Joakim Noah and Lais Ribeiro said yes, exchanged their vows, their alliances and that they shared several kisses. Marks of a love that we hope will be eternal, including Yannick Noah, Joakim’s dad, Cécilia Rodhe, his mother, Yélena, Eleejah, Jenaye, his three sisters, Joalukas, his little brother, but also Isabelle Camus, his former mother-in-law, were all witnesses. Particularly moved by the marriage of his grand son, Yannick Noah had let all his emotion speak on social networks. “I will gratefully drink this large pint under sister moon to celebrate the marriage of two wonderful souls“, wrote the famous singer in the caption of a photo published on his Instagram page. “May God bless you, children, family and friends. Just one love !“, had added the former tennis champion.

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