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After having been immersed in the world of pizza since his early childhood, Caroline Maya inherits the pizzeria “ Pizzas from the Old Well » in Saint-Priestan address founded by his grandparents in the 80s. From the unmissable Marguerita to the Milanese, you can taste pizzas for all tastes, and this only a few minutes from downtown Lyon.

© Campionato Mondiale della Pizza Parma

A double victory for the Lyon pizza maker

On April 7, the 29th edition of the world pizza championships took place in Parma, Italy. For three days, more than 40 pizzaiolos from all over the world competed. Daughter of a pizza maker, Caroline Maya picked up the 2022 pizza world champion award. It was alongside Alain Patrick Fauconnet, chef, that she imagined the recipe for the pizza ” It will be a volta ” (which means ” Once upon a time in Italian), a pizza made with sea urchins, marinated prawns, ricotta and mozzarella di buffala balls on a lobster bisque base. This recipe tells a story but above all the shared passion for the travels of Caroline Maya and Alain Patrick Fauconnet. A succession of victories for the duo who had just won the title of French pizza champions last October 2021.

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It must be said that the chef has a CV as long as your arm. Before this supreme title, she had already been champion of France three times in 2014, 2019 and 2021. But the pizza maker does not stop there: she plans to open her own pizzeria and stand on her own wings. And who knows, with a little luck, opening soon in the center of Lyon…?

Old Well Pizzas

43 rue du Puits Vieux – Saint-Priest
Such. : 04 78 20 08 81

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