Make your own pasta? We tested the Philips Pasta Maker

Too complicated, too long, too laborious… It’s been a long time since we gave up making our own homemade pasta. Too bad, it’s so good.

Homemade with less effort with the Pasta Maker

The promise of the Philips Pasta Maker is simple: homemade pasta made in no time for healthy and delicious dishes. The machine kneads, preforms and promises to prepare 225g of pasta in 10 minutes. A nice performance when we still lack time to cook. Once the starchy foods are ready, all that remains is to cut them out of the machine and immerse them in boiling water.

Afraid of getting bored? No worries. Already because you can make a multitude of varied recipes with pasta. Then because to vary the pleasures, the Pasta Maker makes both spaghetti and quillF’settuccine or lasagna since it contains four shape discs! And if you want to try new experiences, you just have to get started. We replace the wheat flour with chestnut flour, buckwheat, we add herbs, spices… Gluten-free fans, home-made pasta is yours! We can even have fun coloring our dishes by using carrot or spinach juice instead of water!

Our life-size test

Ok, on paper it looks great. But in real life, what is the Pasta Maker worth? For a smooth start, we embarked on making fettuccine, a variety of long pasta of Italian origin, similar to tagliatelle. After throwing the flour into the machine and turning it on, we added the liquid mixture (eggs + water) perfectly dosed using the dosing tool supplied with the Pasta Maker. And frankly, we were blown away. In ten minutes flat, the dough was kneaded and the pasta cut. All you had to do was put them in boiling water for a few minutes before enjoying. In terms of taste too, the machine keeps its promises. Making your pasta just before tasting it is still much better, even if you are sometimes amazed by the fresh pasta sold on the market. In the process, we tested the penne and we enjoyed ourselves.

Assets : A machine that saves time and of theenergy. The Pasta Maker kneads dough in just 3 minutes! A few more minutes are enough to cut the pasta into the chosen shape, before passing it to the pan. And at the time of tasting, you really see the difference! An excellent value for money. Flour, water and possibly eggs, that’s all you need to make a pasta dish that we then season according to our tastes.

The downside : If the dosage of ingredients is easy, the smallest option is for “1 to 2 people”. Too much for one person. Especially since you don’t really want to keep them for the next meal. Pasta never tastes better than when it’s cooked right out of the machine.

Pasta maker HR2355/09. Comes with 4 shaping discs, 2 measuring cups, 2 cleaning discs and a scraper knife. €229.99.

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