Major price drop on TV at LG, Apple’s key partner

LG, in addition to manufacturing iPhone screens, also markets televisions equipped with the Apple TV application which provides access to multiple series and films on demand. Today, the Korean manufacturer is hitting hard since one of its models of 48 inches (or 121 cm) with 4K OLED UHD panel is displayed at only 999.99 euros at the moment at Cdiscount against 1,399 euros usually. Either a drastic reduction of almost 30%, or about 400 euros reduction on the base rate.

Incorporating four HDMI ports on the back, this large television can accommodate multiple different image sources such as a Chromecast or other dongles. With a native resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixelsyou will also have excellent video quality for your gaming sessions or streaming with friends.

I take advantage of the offer

Note that three outlets USB and Bluetooth 5.0 are also included; ideal for wireless listening accessories or external hard drives.

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