MacBook Pro / MacBook Air: Apple moves several production sites to China

In this month of August, Apple would take care of the tensions in the production of the MacBook Pro and would seek new sites of subcontractors in China. For several years, Cupertino – like other firms – has been working on the relocation of some of its partners.

This trend had started in 2019 in order to avoid US tariffs and to escape tensions between China and the Trump administration. Then, in 2020, Apple had been more directive and asked Foxconn to open a factory in Vietnam (which was done in 2021).

At the end of 2021 with the resumption of the Covid, China had taken several health decisionsimposing in particular power outages, which had affected Apple suppliers. Then, the government introduced more drastic measures, now containment zones with zero tolerance.

But now, with the delay in offshoring, Apple would be planning a compromise. According to Digitimesit would aim to create new sites inside China. Thus, Quanta (60% of MacBook Pro) would move part of its lines from Shanghai to Chongqing, in western China. The remaining 40% would still be produced by Foxconn at its Chengdu plantalso in western China. Production of the 13-inch MacBook Air would gradually be transferred to the Chinese company Wingtech, based in Kunming (in the southwest).

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