Long wait to receive Apple 96W and 140W adapters

It’s no luck if you lost the power adapter of your MacBook Pro, which is going to be on vacation! Apple has the greatest difficulty in delivering 96 W and 140 W chargers quickly. The first block (€85), adapted to the needs of the 14-inch MacBook Pro, will only be delivered by the online Apple Store in 8 weeks, which takes us quietly to the end of September.

The different USB-C chargers delivered with the MacBook Pro: 140 W, 96 W and 67 W.

It will take less time for the 140W adapter (€105) supplied with the 16-inch MacBook Pro: 3 to 4 weeks. Set back in Apple’s physical stores, the deadlines are hardly more pleasing: September 2 for the 140W, September 30 for the 96W! However, these may be provisional dates pending possible restocking.

The other three adapters are available within one working day, whether the 67W (65 €), 30W (45 €) or the 35W with two USB-C ports (65 €).


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