Les 12 Coups de midi: the production accused of favoring Yaël, Internet users are furious!

Yaël, an essential candidate for Les 12 coups de midi continues to keep his title. Despite the trials and competitors, the latter is still in the lead in Jean-Luc Reichmann’s show. And this, for several weeks now! A record that some viewers believe to be falsified. Does this participant really benefit from the production? We tell you everything in this article!

Les 12 coups de midi: Yaël is talked about on the show!

Yaël is a candidate for Les 12 coups de midi who has more than one trick up his sleeve. Indeed, know that the man surprised more than one during his adventure, including Jean-Luc Reichmann. As we told you above, Yaël is the one who has occupied the midday master’s chair for several weeks. The man, who confessed to not having seen the show only three times.

Despite his lack of experience, the candidate of Les 12 coups de midi has proven himself! Something to surprise the presenter of the program, Jean-Luc Reichmann. At first, he did not think that the participant would go to the final.

“With my best friend we were talking about it, and he told me it would be good for you to go, and that’s it,” he said! From her first appearances on the show, Yaël did not miss the opportunity to prove his dedication !

A successful candidate!

During the first masterstroke, Yaël Les 12 coups de midi received a jackpot of 10,000 euros. Thus, the man has taken a big step among the ” potential winners ” from the program ! Moreover, the candidate continues to prove to the public that he would be able to go even further. He is so motivated that it may seem doubtful or even “very easy for him”. A detail to which we will return later.

However, we still manage to see the weakness of this candidate of Les 12 coups de midi at a given moment. Moreover, there was a time when Jean-Luc Reichmann reminded him of the principle of the last step to take! “And yes, it’s true that you don’t know the instructions!” “, had declared the companion of Nathalie Lecoultre once.

Les 12 coups de midi: Does production benefit Yaël?

Very quickly, Yaël from Les 12 coups de midi rose through the ranks! It must be said that the latter is well versed in exercise after only a few weeks of training. For his 23rd appearanceknow that the candidate currently has nearly 64,600 euros in his kitty.

The man has indeed gained experience during his adventure! An impressive success which some believe to be rigged. But this rumor has already happened to several candidates who preceded him!

The production of 12 noon shots on TF1 is criticized to favor Yael ! Many viewers did not hesitate to get their claws out! Are they jealous or are they fighting for a good cause? We let you judge by their comments.

“But he sucks! The easy questions for him, the “hard” ones for the others “, can we read. While another user wrote “I’m fed up with this system of always favoring midday masters Pfff I can’t see it anymore”.

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