Large families: The daughter of a clan raped for months, the horror told on video…

Terrible revelations in recent days on social networks. While in front of the TF1 cameras the tribes of Large families, life in XXL share their extraordinary daily life, nothing suggested thatsuch a drama was unfolding in secret. One of the daughters of the Raymond familywho filmed in the docu-reality throughout the first season as well as a large part of the second, reveals to have been the victim of rape.

It is on TikTok that Ashley, the eldest of the clan who left the family home, gives herself up. On July 24, 2022, she took to her account to post a new video. Above, she denounces the horror suffered for too long. “He raped me for 8 months and he dared to say to his girl: ‘It was a starfish in bed’“, can we read. And the beautiful redhead adds: “How can I tell you that at the same time it wasn’t really a blast.” Putting into words what she went through, Ashley, who had swayed on the sometimes violent behavior of her mother Cindy Reymond, received many comments of support, but not only unfortunately. “Tell yourself that there is one here who made a TikTok for report your ex for marital rape and half of the comments are like ‘If you didn’t leave, you were willing’“, she regrets in a new video published two days later.

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