Kenza (Loft Story) separated from Jean-Michel Maire: she is not tender with her ex!

Who would have thought that the great seducer Jean-Michel Maire had gone out with a former candidate of loft story ? No, it’s not Loana but Kenza, Aziz’s former lover who left after 3 weeks of play (the former candidate had set up a plan with Aziz to cheat and win the game). Asked by Entertainment TV in The unfiltered interview in 2017, the young woman born in Iraq had revealed the underside of her love story born in 2009 with the one who worked at the time as a great reporter for Le Figaro.

We stayed together for about six months, it’s not nothing. We loved each other very much. (…) Like many couples, at some point, we did not take the same direction. Afterwards, he did TV, his face was known overnight so inevitably, his entourage changed, his aura and his personality also changed. He is a public man. It brings a new environment, new habits, new attitudes.” she revealed.

Columnist on TPMP since the 1st Jean Michel Maire always amuses his ex who thinks he “plays its role very well“and that he was very”clever” on the small screen. No longer in love with the former journalist, Kenza also added that she sometimes found him a bit clumsy on C8. “He wasn’t a great romantic, but he wasn’t clumsy like he sometimes is on the show. Sometimes, I find it a bit heavy.” she explained.

Since their separation, Kenza and Jean-Michel Maire have not become friends and no longer have any contact. Untimely ghosting from Cyril Hanouna’s sidekick? No way ! Kenza is completely comfortable with the fact of no longer speaking to Jean-Michel. “I’m not his type at all anymore, you know. And when it’s over, it’s over. I don’t usually date my exes.” she said about the one who claimed to have had 1,042 conquests in his lifetime as of 2018.

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