Julien Arnaud: The emblematic presenter of the JT of TF1, planted himself on a scooter…

Julien Arnaud hosts the 8 p.m. newscast on TF1. But his life as a journalist is not easy as the day he crashed his scooter in the heart of Paris leaving the TF1 tower. This accident shocked him and it could have been very serious!

Julien Arnaud’s poignant tribute to Jean-Pierre Pernaut!

A few days ago, Julien Arnaud made the recap of his season as host of the JT with our colleagues from Télé Star. The host of the 8 p.m. newscast on TF1 throughout the summer wanted to come back to the death of one of his friends and also host of the JT from TF1 to 13, Jean-Pierre Pernaut.

He vividly remembers his poignant tribute to his friend. Julien Arnaud then said on the air “First, TF1 is sad tonight. TF1 and all of its staff are in mourning. We learned of the death of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, at 71, including 33 years spent at the head of 13 hours. He left his seat less than a year and a half ago after a unique and monumental career..

And at the end of the news, the atmosphere at TF1 was sad. Julien Arnaud also confessed “At the exit, around 10 p.m., when usually there are not many people left, there were still a hundred people. We couldn’t separate in this emotionally charged moment.”. That day, the TF1 JT host lost a friend.

The journalist inherits the 8 p.m. newscast on TF1 all summer long!

Julien Arnaud is a regular on TF1 news. The Information Star mainly presents the JT during the summer holidays or during the absences of the other animators. And this summer again, he inherits the 8 p.m. news on TF1.

He loves to play this role of news joker. He doesn’t just do that, these days are busy. Julien Arnaud reads a lot and follows all the international news. And sometimes, he likes to ask a little to remember his year and the events that marked him.

Julien Arnaud crashes on a scooter when leaving the news!

As we told you above, Julien Arnaud recently reviewed his year. The TF1 journalist also remembers the day when leaving the JT he had a serious scooter accident. This day remained etched in his memory, it was the day of the invasion of a country in Eastern Europe.

He had also declared after his accident to our colleagues from Télé Poche “I don’t know if there was an adrenaline connection, but shortly after the news, I crashed my scooter and broke my foot”.

But this is not the only memory of his year. Julien Arnaud was to host the interview with the President of the Republic on July 14, but he was dismissed at the last moment. He didn’t appreciate the way it was done “I’m not going to tell you stories… I would have loved it! I hope the opportunity will present itself”.

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