Jean-Jacques Goldman married to Nathalie, 30 years younger than him: what we know about this woman in the shadows

While the documentary The 20 favorite duos of the French, broadcast on W9 this Saturday evening, will dwell on his career and in particular on his duet with Michael Jones, Jean-Jacques Goldman seems very happy and very fulfilled in his sentimental life.

Indeed, he has been married since 2001 to a certain Nathalie Thu Huong-Lagier, a forty-something of Vietnamese origin and mother of his three daughters Maya (2004), Kimi (2005) and Rose (2007). Note that the singer was already the father of three children, born of his previous relationship with Catherine Morlet.

Heading for London

Nathalie had met the artist in the mid-90s, when she came to attend one of his concerts. Fan of him and his many hits like I give you, The low, Fly Me, Since you’re leaving or A sign will suffice, she had then waited for the end of the show to infiltrate backstage and then knock on the door of her dressing room.

A friendship was then born between the star of French song and this mathematics student, before it turns into a sincere and deep love thereafter. The two lovebirds were married in the early 2000s and the interpreter of When the music is good left to settle for love in Marseille, the city where his new companion is from. It was therefore under the Provençal sun that the latter completed her studies by obtaining her aggregation in mathematics in 2003 then her doctorate in 2007. Thus becoming mathematics doctor and teacher.

After the birth of their children, they decided to move to London, away from prying eyes. They have been living there for some time and enjoy a more peaceful living environment. Which does not mean either that they will never return to live in France. Maybe they are waiting for their daughters to finish school? Anyway, the couple lives very discreetly and seems very fulfilled on the other side of the Channel.

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