“Italian” pizza does not exist!

The original version, which is found more and more often in France, was born more than a hundred years ago at the foot of Vesuvius. Neapolitan pizza is characterized by its high edges and a tender, moist heart. For the most intransigent purists, it should only come in two versions: the classic Margherita (tomato and mozzarella) and the marinara, composed of tomato, oil, garlic and oregano.

But if the Neapolitans can claim the paternity of this dish which conquered Italy (and then the world), over the years, the pizza has integrated the culinary heritage of other regions of La Botte. Territories that have often adapted this dish according to their own traditions and taste.

We are not talking about filling here, but about real differences in the way of cooking or preparing the dough. Enough to say that there is not “one”, but “many” Italian pizzas. A small universe that the information site Linkiesta tried to condense in an article, which lists the most famous “variants” of the Neapolitan dish.

  • Roman pizza:
    Some 200 kilometers north of Vesuvius, in the Italian capital, pizza also holds a very important place. But the Roman version of this dish looks (and tastes) quite different from its southern cousin. “In Naples, the pizza is baked in a specific oven, at 480°C, notes the transalpine media, while in Rome, it is baked in the same oven as the bread, at 360°C. This way the pizza loses moisture, it needs more time to cook.

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