iPhone: production under high pressure for Apple!

Apple’s production chain is far from being a long calm river, and not only in recent years. Tim Cook’s first mission in 1998 was to restore order to Cupertino’s production and logistics system! Now at the top of the Apple, it still has to deal with economic difficulties.

To this are added alleged blockades of factories in China (entries as exits) which would be the result of too careful examination of the customs local. But Pegatron -one of Apple’s main subcontractors- has just disputed this rumor in an official press release. iPhone production at its Chinese sites would be not affected by a work to rulebut some may not be convinced by this denial.

I have to say that the situation is already tense -between shortage of components and fluctuating sanitary measures- and that the visit to Taiwan of Nancy Pelosi -Speaker of the United States House of Representatives- hasn’t really made things better. The latter indeed met several leaders including Jason Cheng, vice-president of Pegatron, which nevertheless generated some irritation from the side of the Chinese government.

According to NikkeiApple would still have asked its suppliers to strictly comply to Chinese customs regulations, and not to tolerate no exceptions. The latter specifies that parts and components manufactured in Taiwan must be labeled as being made in either “Taiwan, China” or “Chinese Taipei”, a language that indicates that the island is part of China.

Faced with the current diplomatic turmoil, Apple has, however, urged its suppliers to be extremely vigilant in applying the laws, which would avoid possible administrative disruptions.. It must be said that it is all the same the production of the iPhone 14 which is at stake…

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