iPhone: Apple would maintain its position in a declining market!

A few days after Apple’s quarterly results, International Data Corporation (IDC for friends) publishes a new study dedicated to smartphones. Global smartphone shipments were reportedly down 8.7% year over year in the last quarter. Note that this is the fourth consecutive quarter of decline in this segment, shipments would have fallen to 286 million units during the quarter, or about 3.5% less than expected.

This situation would be very positive for Apple, the iPhone having maintained a small growth in a declining market. The Californian firm is also the only one in the green among smartphone manufacturers. Apple would have sold 44.6 million iPhones in the last quarter or 15.6% of the world market share (compared to 44.4 million units and 14.2% of market share last year). As a reminder, the Apple smartphone brought in $40.665 billionagainst 39.570 billion last year (+ 2.77% over one year).

Samsung would have sold 62.4 million smartphones over the same period (21.8% market share), Xiaomi 39.5 million units (13.8%), vivo 24.8 million (8.7%) and OPPO 24.7 million (8.6%). Geographically, the largest decline in the quarter was recorded in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), heavily impacted by the conflict in Ukraine, with a 36.5% year-on-year decline. It should be noted that sales in China would have decreased by 14.3% from one year to the next.

iPhone: Apple would maintain its position in a market  falling !

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