iPhone: Apple reveals how to take “dramatically” successful summer photos

Regularly, Apple offers videos for educational purposes to introduce certain functions to iPhone owners (or to make people want to buy one). In the latest, she wants to bring some tips in terms of photography, in order to take advantage of the summer light and his iPhone. For this, she called on the photographer Eddy Chen and two of his Creative ProsJahmyra and David.

This video focuses on some functions : create a shared album, adjust exposure to capture afternoon shadows, push contrast to accentuate shadows, use the golden hour to take vivid portraits, switch to Portrait for better focus and better control of the depthincrease the shadows and the brightness to add drama to his portraits, capture electric scenes after dark with the mode Nightplay with contrast and black point to focus on the subject.

Cupertino also suggests to share before and after photos with #ShotoniPhone on social media. She finally reminds you that you will only need an iPhone 13 (little publicity stunt after all).

But Apple does not forget one of the principles left by Angela Ahrendts, namely to make Apple Stores places of conviviality. She also offers Apple Creatives sessions from Today At Apple, dedicated to iPhone photography.

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