InventoryWatch monitors inventory at the local Apple Store

Getting your hands on certain Apple products in a specific configuration can sometimes be an obstacle course. Stocks are often thin during the launch period, especially since the pandemic has come to manhandle the production chains. The developer Worth Baker has created a tool that will save time for busy users living not far from an Apple Store: an application that will directly check the stocks of official stores nearby.

The InventoryWatch interface.

With InventoryWatch, the user can receive a notification as soon as his dream product is available at the Apple Store near him. It will then be much faster to pick it up than to order it online. Several configurations and colors are offered for each product, and it is possible to adjust the speed at which the app will check stocks (every minute, every hour, etc.).

InventoryWatch can monitor hard-to-find products, such as the new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Studio or Studio Display. On the portable side, we can check the stocks of the entire iPhone 13 range in addition to the iPad mini.

This free SwiftUI app runs on Macs from Big Sur. Two flaws, however: InventoryWatch is only available in English and does not currently work with French Apple Stores. The developer invites its users to open a ticket on Github to request support for other countries. An app to watch closely.


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