In the United States, Apple does not share images from home security cameras without a warrant

In the United States, Apple will not provide access to recordings from HomeKit-connected smart cameras without a warrant. Apple confirmed the information to CNET, which asked the question in the context of recent revelations made on Amazon. Recently, the e-commerce giant explained that it had shared videos taken using Ring accessories to the police: the steps were taken without the user’s consent and without a warrant or court order.

More specifically, Amazon has transmitted images and sound recorded by its cameras on eleven occasions since the beginning of 2022. Although the company is not legally obliged to do so, it nevertheless explains that it processes each request from the authorities and share the images in emergency situations. Amazon did not confirm to CNET whether the users targeted by such a request were kept informed.

For his part, a Cupertino spokesperson recalls that ” HomeKit Secure Video is end-to-end encrypted, which means even Apple can’t access it “. Arlo, Wyze and Anker (which owns Eufy) have also promised not to share the recordings with US police without a legal request. Arlo tells CNET that the company has a different take on the issue than Amazon:

If a situation is urgent enough for law enforcement to request a warrantless search from Arlo, then that situation should also be urgent enough for law enforcement or a prosecutor to request an immediate hearing for the show instead. of a warrant.

For Nest accessories, Google explains in its terms of service that it can provide information to a government agency ” whether we have reasonable grounds to believe that we can prevent someone from dying or sustaining serious physical injury “. The company cites scenarios of bomb threats, school shootings, kidnappings or suicides as examples. She adds that users are notified when data is shared with the authorities. Things are normally different on the old continent, Google being based in Ireland and subject to stricter European legislation.


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