in Marseille, overheating pizza trucks

Traders who work in pizza trucks face the difficulties of doing their job in the high heat. On board the truck, the temperature rose to 50°C.

With the high heat raging in the Bouches-du-Rhône, residents and workers are adapting to cool off. While stores, restaurants and businesses can make use of air conditioning, this is not the case for itinerant pizzaiolos.

Standing in a truck to prepare pizzas, Michael has to work next to an oven that gives off a heat of 500°C. In the business for eight years, he tries somehow to find a little freshness during his service.

“Let’s say I finish a pizza, I go straight out and there’s a little more air, there’s shade. And we drink a lot, we have to hydrate a lot”, explains the pizza maker of “Pizza à the old” at the microphone of BFM Marseille Provence.

The third solution is to close “the oven while waiting” for a pizza to be cooked, adds his brother. And for good reason, it’s 50°C in their pizza truck, 20 degrees warmer than outside on average.

“They are brave to serve us”

This suffocating heat experienced by the two brothers does not deter customers who continue to order pizzas. However, they are aware of the situation and sympathetic.

“It’s not easy, they are really brave to serve us like that every night in this heat,” said a local resident.

Another also admires their parents, “old people”, who sometimes “come to help their children”. “They have a lot of merit,” she says.

A third, who has “worked in a rotisserie for a long time”, knows exactly what Michael and his brother are up against.

“The higher the degrees, the harder it is. I completely understand them,” he admits.

On average, a hundred customers a day are at the rendezvous. A reason for satisfaction for the two brothers, despite the heat.

Lola Baille and Scheherazade Ben Essaid

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