In India, a couple signs a prenup that includes “one pizza a month”

Sometimes it’s better to write down what you think is important, to avoid any misunderstandings. The least we can say is that these newlyweds from the Assam region, at the eastern end of India, followed this logic to the letter. During their Union ceremony, they signed a kind of “marriage contract” stipulating that the two spouses had to offer each other a pizza a month. At the most.

Shanti Prasad, the 24-year-old bride, is known to those around her as an inveterate lover of this Italian dish. She literally dreams of pizza every night. This is also how Mintu, 25, now her husband, partly succeeded in seducing her, by inviting her on one of their first dates in a pizzeria. Since then, pizza has apparently been intrinsically linked to the young Indian couple. A little too much.

On the day of their union, the friends of the two bride and groom therefore decided to surprise them by writing them a funny marriage contract, which is not legally binding. We therefore find this famous incentive to eat a pizza a month – which would in fact be a way of limiting their consumption, considered excessive by those around them – but also that Mintu prepares breakfast on Sundays and that Shanti wears a sari – a piece of clothing traditional – as often as possible. The couple signed the paper, and pledged to respect their commitment to the letter.

This strange contract did not fail to react in the country, reports the BBC. What started out as a joke caused a huge stir on Indian social media, and within three weeks a short video of the contract signing had been viewed over 45 million times.

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