In full confinement, Ty Pasta, the pastry maker from Plérin, is hiring – Plérin: Ty Pasta, the great adventure of the pastry maker

In another life, James Cann was a real estate agent in Hillion. In 2014, he was responsible for finding premises for the company Ty Pasta, opened in Quintin by Jean-Michel Boscher, who was looking to diversify his activity as a breeder of organic laying hens. The two men decide to work together. Becoming manager of the company in 2017, James Cann repatriated it to Plérin, in a 110 m² room. A year later, he pushes the walls and moves into 500 m², to house the lab, storage, production. From one ton per week, in 2014, the company grew to more than 3 t.

Outlets: from Guigamp to La Gacilly

“It’s a great adventure. When we started, we were almost the only organic pasta makers in Brittany. There were two or three others, but not in our market outlets, ”explains the boss, who chose the mass distribution option to ensure the turnover of the young company. Thus, from Guingamp to Rennes, Ty Pasta is marketed in delicatessens and specialized stores, and the other brand, Pâtes d’Armor, in hypermarkets. “Which represents around 80% of our figure, details James Cann. But it’s always organic, egg pasta, and quality”. Fresh pasta is found on the tables of communities, whether it’s the self-service restaurant in Yves-Rocher, or the Lycée Freyssinet in Saint-Brieuc!

Containment has boosted production

To tell the truth, during the first confinement, the company took off. “There were shortages on the big brands, on the supermarket shelves. So people bought our pasta, explains James Cann. Maybe at first by default, but they came back to it, which proved to us that they liked our tastes”. Practices that have changed with the pandemic, too, he readily admits: “People have changed their buying habits, tried to favor local, organic. So, during this first confinement, we no longer sold fresh pasta at all (Editor’s note: the communities had closed), but we doubled in dry pasta ”.

The second confinement did not produce the same effects, but allowed Ty Pasta to post a stable turnover. “This confirms our belief that people buy from us today out of pleasure”, rejoices the business manager, who has just hired a fourth employee and employs twelve people from Hillion State. Consolidating its markets, enriching the range with a few flavors and a few moulds, to make new shapes, in the coming weeks, that’s what James Cann will be tackling at the end of the year. “And above all, honor our customers and be faithful to our philosophy. We remain craftsmen”.


Ty Pasta: 06 01 23 05 73.

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