In Clermont-Ferrand, there are black pizzas, with CBD… and some can even be eaten from a roof

Pizza making requires a very special know-how, to which some professionals add unique ideas! We explain to you.


At Homiz, rue de la Voucherie, the Classic Homiz, the equivalent of the margherita, sells for 8 euros. An unbeatable price in the trendiest pizzeria in town.

premium Making real pizzas like a pro, in Clermont-Ferrand, it’s possible!

The black

A pizza with a black dough like Volvic stone, would you like it?? This is what Rémi Lacoste offers. The young man, previously in the e-commerce sector, decided to change his life by opening Oncle Héraclite, rue du Port, at the end of 2021.

With CBD

It is called the “Cibidi”. This pizza is sprinkled with CBD (cannabidiol), so-called legal cannabis. It is made behind the stoves of Pizza Maestro, avenue des Paulines.

on the roof

Take to the skies while eating a pizza, it’s possible at the historic Rémi pizza, at the Galaxie crossroads. Here you can eat on the roof of the truck.


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