In Auxi-le-Château, the new pizzeria plans to further expand its offer

At the corner of rue Vermaelen and rue du Général-Leclerc, Pizza Roma opened its doors at the beginning of April.

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The beginning of this year saw the opening of a new pizzeria in the town, on the site where a hairdresser could be found a few years earlier. After the Pizz’à Tof, it is the Pizza Roma which came to settle in the town.

After having run other pizzerias in Beauvais and Brêmes, the Achraf manager wanted to establish himself in Auxi-le-Château: “ We wanted to settle in a living city, which moves “, he explains.

Satisfied with the beginnings of the store, he is calm when it comes to the competition present in the city, which has other restaurants offering take-out. ” We are confident about our quality. We also deliver for free, which is an advantage. Achraf also highlights its wide choice of pizzas.

Eventually, it would like to further expand its offer and establish itself further in the territory.

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