In addition to the fourth iOS 16 beta, Apple launches the ActivityKit beta

This is one of the main new features of iOS 16, users will be able to benefit from a “Live Activity” widget at the bottom of their lock screen. Thanks to this feature we will be able to get a quick overview of the result of a football match in progress, the evolution of the Uber ride of a friend who is about to arrive… The possibilities are many and the developers can start working on this feature exclusive to iOS 16 tonight.

Apple launches ActivityKit beta

Live activities, announced during WWDC, are dynamic alerts always up to date, which allow you to follow events in real time without ever leaving the lock screen. This widget can be used for various purposes, for example to check the score of a live sporting event, to keep an eye on the delivery person who brings your Deliveroo order to you…

ActivityKit is the heart of the “Live Activity” feature, it is from this tool that developers can configure the data displayed, when the real-time data refresh starts, when it stops…

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In fact, if Apple releases the ActivityKit beta about a month and a half before the final version of iOS 16, it is partly to allow developers to start work so that everything is ready on the day of the arrival of “Live Activity”.
We hope that food delivery applications, VTC, football match monitoring… will take advantage of this novelty to provide users with a quick access to refreshed data without needing to access the app!

Remember, however, that Apple has informed customers and developers that this new will not be available the day of the launch of iOS 16. Internal development took longer than expected, which led Apple to delay the release of Live Activity by several weeks/months after the release of iOS 16 in public version.

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