“I planted myself”: a beloved journalist from TF1 victim of a terrible accident, he says!

A famous journalist from the national channel TF1 returned to a road accident he experienced. It is during an interview that he recalls this tragic event which actually occurred at the worst possible moment. Indeed, the latter explains his accident which still required a trip to the hospital. He had then arrived at a very hot moment in the news, and as a journalist, this accident couldn’t have come at a worse time. We tell you everything.


In the life of a journalist many moments are important. But when the opportunity to present the JT of TF1 presents itself to them, it is really not an opportunity to be missed. Indeed, TF1 is one of the most important channels in France. And that, Julien Arnaud knows it well. Indeed, while every evening at 8 p.m. viewers can find Gilles Bouleau’s news, the latter offers himself a well-deserved vacation twice a year.

And for the occasion, it was Julien Arnaud who replaced him. It is therefore a golden opportunity for this true journalism enthusiast. Since 2012, he has been the replacement during the annual leave of the incumbent presenter of TF1. But an accident comes to complicate the task.

So since July 8, Julien Arnaud has presented the 8 p.m. news on TF1, while his colleague is enjoying his well-deserved vacation. But, during Gilles Bouleau’s winter vacation, in February, the news was very tense. It was a very important moment in journalism, since the news changed often and he had to officially inform the population. And for good reason, the month of february seemed rhythmic from a global perspective. That was, indeed, just the beginning of the problems. Unfortunately his accident happened at the same time.

At that time, everyone was worried about what decision would or would not be made. Julien Arnaud therefore had a weight on his shoulders. Even if the TF1 channel did not choose to send journalists on site. Unlike France 2, there were special editions. And these were precisely presented by Julien Arnaud.

The accident

But while Julien Arnaud seemed completely absorbed in his work. He must have had his head in the air when, during a scooter ride, he ended up having an accident. During an interview with Télé Poche, the latter declared “I don’t know if there was a report in terms of adrenaline but shortly after the news, I crashed on my scooter and broke my foot. Despite his broken foot, this did not prevent him from continuing to present his special editions as well as the JT.

Really passionate about the job, Julien Arnaud chose not to go on sick leave after the accident. But his passion will also have earned him the disappointment of not being able to hold the July 14 interview with the president. Indeed, he does not hide his disappointment and even declares “I’m not going to tell you stories… I would have loved ! I hope the opportunity will present itself. But even if he is disappointed with this, that does not prevent him from being grateful for his place at TF1.

Julien Arnaud then declares “It would still be very presumptuous to believe that the presenter is more important than the newspaper. That said, beware, the presenter has his role to play”.

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