Huawei is still (and still) inspired by Apple during its last conference

News hardware Huawei is still (and still) inspired by Apple during its last conference

Huawei is giving everything to get back on track and yesterday just presented a new edition of its mid-range tablet, all in a decor “slightly” inspired by Apple’s keynotes.

Huawei is in bad shape and plans to get ever closer to Apple’s strategy

Huawei is still in trouble since the US government banned the brand from using Google services on their devices, due to apparently proven suspicions of espionage. The Chinese manufacturer is losing momentum but still continues to launch new products.

Yesterday was a Huawei conference, the “Summer 2022 Smart Office Launch”, presented by CEO Richard Yu. In the preamble, the latter evokes the difficulties encountered in recent years, but maintains that he wants to continue as if nothing had happened, in particular in revising the brand image towards a classy and luxurious side. A bit strange to explain it on the stage of a conference but why not.

But the brand that is already positioned in this area is of course Apple. And whether we like the American firm or not, the teams in charge of image, communication and marketing are doing an incredible job to really create enthusiasm around the brand and create a gap between Apple and the “others”.

Huawei has just announced several products:

  • The MateBook X Pro, a high-end laptop
  • The MateBook D 16, a slightly less expensive ultra-portable
  • The MateView SE, a 24-inch PC screen
  • The 11-inch MatePad Pro, a new touchscreen tablet
  • The FreeBuds Pro 2, wireless headphones with active noise reduction

Maybe the names of the computers, tablet, and headphones ring a bell. this is normal, because it is the same thing with the terminologies of Apple products. To have a high-end brand image, you need simple names. Huawei could therefore not do like many competitors in tech and take long names that are impossible to remember with numbers and letters that seem random.

We could also mention the design, particularly that of the FreeBuds Pro 2, which is strongly inspired by what is found in the AirPods Pro.

An air of deja vu at the Huawei conference

Surely you know, Apple is known for their bombastic and carefully crafted lectures (often called keynotes). These are real events for tech lovers and they are followed diligently each year, particularly that of the presentation of the iPhone.

A lot of competing brands have taken up this approach, particularly since the democratization of live broadcasts on the Internet. And still today, Apple events are the neatest and have a great handle on pacing, camera shots, and sets. Precisely, it is this last point that caught our attention during the Huawei conference.

Huawei is still (and still) inspired by Apple during its last conferenceHuawei is still (and still) inspired by Apple during its last conference

As you can see in these pictures, even the background used by Huawei is a pale copy of what Apple does. Even if this does not reflect the quality of the products, it remains proof that Huawei scrutinizes every move of Tim Cook’s company to put the odds on their side.

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