How to prepare a frozen pizza?

While it’s obvious that you can’t replace the savory taste of a pizza straight out of the oven, the fact is that frozen pizzas can be just as delicious.

The trick is to simply know the different cooking methods and suitable time. We tell you about it in the rest of the article.

Pizza lovers will tell you that obviously one of the flavors essential to the success of a pizza is the cooking, and more particularly the type of cooking. Only, the constraint is that very rare those who have a pizza stone or even a bread oven at home unlike the traditional oven. The good news is that the cooking mode suitable for frozen pizzas is precisely for domestic ovens.
To obtain a delicious pizza as desired, it is advisable above all not to defrost your pizza before putting it in the oven, otherwise you will obtain a very dry dough. Another faux pas not to do is to heat your oven too long before surrounding the pizza. To be in the standards, it is recommended to follow the following steps:

  • Preheat the oven to 220°C beforehand;
  • Cook the frozen pizza preferably at a temperature between 180°C and 190°C;
  • Respect the cooking time mentioned on the box.

Another way to cook your frozen pizza is with a microwave. It’s especially quick and convenient when you’re in a hurry, but still requires a few precautions to maintain its texture. Indeed, the most common problem with cooking frozen pizzas in the microwave is that the dough frequently becomes rubbery. The secret to having a crispy pizza is to place a small container of water near it during cooking. This will allow you to create steam and rehydrate the dough.

Whether made the same day or frozen, the secret to the success of a pizza lies in its cooking and the ingredients that garnish it. Thanks to the tips presented below, you will be able to enjoy a tasty and crispy pizza.

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