How Apple is organizing to cope with the heat wave

With its ambitions to end greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, Apple is doing its best to try to fight global warming on its own scale. Its Cupertino address, in particular, wants to be equipped with the best possible equipment in order to respect not only the standards environmental in force but also to go even further.

Apple Park is adorned with solar panels over the entire roof, capable of generating no less than seventeen megawatts of power to supply the building with “green” energy. The switching on of the air conditioning, essential when we know that temperatures reaching 47 degrees have hit the west coast of the United States, is thus supported in a more sustainable way than via the generation of nuclear waste.

A ship for headquarters

What’s more, you should know that Apple Park is also equipped with fitness rooms, but we know that staying active is particularly important in case of high heat. Of the showers are also made available to employees to refresh themselves if necessary.

Outside, the ring-shaped building is further surrounded bygreen spaces. Many trees have been planted to decorate this XXL garden, which allows you to work outdoors while enjoying the shade. We also know that a tree transpires three hundred liters of water a day, which makes the atmosphere more humid and therefore lowers the temperature. A contribution equivalent to that of ten air conditioners in operation.

With this, employees’ cars can also stay cool thanks to a huge underground car park. And in the event of capricious weather, the spectators of the last keynote of the Worldwide Developer Conference were able to see large bay windows capable of opening onto the outside :

© Apple

And for users?

On the customer side, the Apple Stores in France offer an appointment calendar. This allows to limit the crowd and therefore to be more comfortable than with a dense public while limiting energy consumption to cool the shop. The practice has also proven itself during the coronavirus pandemic, with the aim of limiting its spread.

Your AppleWatchtoo, can work for your well-being during the heat wave with, in particular, reminders to drink water or live weather reports in order to prepare for leaving the office. - Official App – Official App

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