His 8-year-old son dies after eating a Buitoni pizza, Yohan alerts the government

The father of a child who died after eating a Fraich’Up pizza gave a poignant testimony on RMC.

For a simple pizza, he lost his 8-year-old son. The father of a child who died after consuming a Buitoni pizza from the Fraîch’Up range testifies to our colleagues from RMC in the program “Apolline Matin”. His son Nathan died on the night of February 17 to 18, a fortnight after consuming a frozen pizza from the Nestlé group brand.

I will never forget this February 17, when the hospital called me urgently

“I found my son Nathan in his bed with someone standing there massaging him. This was his second cardiac arrest of the evening. This is the last image I have of my son“, he delivers.

Yohan, the father of little Nathan, explains that he felt “guilty”: “I had a child to take care of him, not for him to die at 8 years old”.

ud83dudd34 RMC TESTIMONY – Yohan lost his son Nathan (8 years old) a fortnight after serving him a Buitoni pizza. He testifies to his distress and challenges the Minister in charge of Health Olivier Véran. #ApollineMatin pic.twitter.com/1oDr4fxmzn

— RMC (@RMCInfo) May 12, 2022

He hopes for a quick reaction from the government and challenges the Minister of Health: “Olivier Véran does nothing, we are all waiting for him to speak and for him to stop slipping away, for sanctions to be taken against the industrialists who do not respect the rules”.

For the time being, 56 cases of food poisoning, including two fatalities, have been recorded by the health authorities. The victims are children, aged 1 to 17. At least 35 complaints have been filed. Three ranges of the Buitoni brand are in question.

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