High inflation in Spain summed up in a pizza

The Spanish daily El Mundo chose this infographic to illustrate, in its edition dated February 21, an article devoted to the cost of living, which is increasingly high. Based on a pizza recipe, this visualization shows the price increase for each ingredient over the previous year (the size of the slices does not reflect these increases). It highlights a total increase of 23.7% in the price of preparing this dish. This work is essentially based on data from the National Institute of Statistics, the equivalent of INSEE in France.

“Of all the major economies in the European Union, the price of ingredients has risen the most in Spain,” points out the newspaper. If it is not typically Spanish, Hawaiian pizza – that is to say with pineapple – is not a trivial choice. It makes it possible to mention the 8.8% increase in the price of fresh fruit, one of the strongest behind those of tomatoes and olive oil. As for the pineapple, its price has increased by more than 900% in one year. Thus, in Spain, this easy-to-prepare dish, and normally within reach of all budgets, now costs around 5.50 euros, instead of 4.40 at the same time last year.

“Prices have steadily increased since the beginning of 2021, when the inflation rate stood at 0.5%, largely due to the increase in the price of electricity, gasoline and diesel, underlined El Mundo in February. 2022 started the same way 2021 ended, and January became the second month – after last December – with the most expensive electricity in history on the Spanish wholesale market, with a cost of production above 201 euros per megawatt hour.” On March 8, it even exceeded this record, reaching 652 euros per megawatt hour, according to the Iberian energy market operator, before falling back to 161.72 euros per megawatt hour on April 21.

Source of the article

El Mundo (Madrid)

Founded in 1989, “Le Monde” has always claimed the model of American-style investigative journalism, although it sometimes tends to favor sensationalism, to the detriment of serious information. Its editorial line leans on the conservative side.

El Mundo acquired its reputation by revealing and denouncing all the scandals of the last years of government of Felipe González (1993-1996). The title now belongs to the Italian media group RCS MediaGroup (Corriere della Sera).

The newspaper’s site offers a host of services, including Metrópoli, a leisure guide to the Spanish capital, Madrid. It also has a travel and tourism section called Viajes. The content of the paper version is accessible on the online platform Orbyt.

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