Here it all begins (spoiler): Eliott cracks, Noémie is nowhere to be found… Summary in advance of Monday July 25, 2022 on TF1

In the last episode of Here it all begins, Noémie was taken into the confidence. Indeed, Greg and Marius told him everything about the threats they received. Noémie thinks that Alban is playing a bad trick on them. Will she attract the wrath of the crow? Thus, she decides to telephone Alban, but only hears worrying breaths from her interlocutor. Is Alban really in danger? In this early spoiler summary from ITC of Monday, July 25, 2022, a new start could be linked to the case… Théo explains, as for Salomé, she is playing with fire.

Here everything starts early July 25, 2022

Theo discovers the article which was dedicated to him. He is complimentary, but also flaunts the private life of the young chef. Théo does not understand who could have informed the journalist so well. While Constance tries to put her son into perspective, the latter remains annoyed. He wants to call Celia to explain the situation. The young girl is not angry with Theo and believes that he deserves to be put forward in this way. Nevertheless, Theo confides his anxieties to his ex-girlfriend who does everything to reassure him. Chef Armand compliments Teyssier’s son for the article. However, the fact that he does not revolve around the kitchen disturbs the young man. According to Clotilde, the peopolization of chiefs has become commonplace. Theo, he does not accept that his private life is tossed about in this way.

The disappearance of Noémie

In the Here it all begins series, couples bond even in the least well-chosen moments! As she gets out of the shower, Noémie notices that her bedroom door is open. She sends a message to Greg and arranges to meet him to tell him about Alban’s mysterious call and the disturbing noises she hears in his room. At the same time, Salomé discreetly goes to Swan’s room. They end up sleeping together. However, she cannot linger long. She knows that Teyssier has an eye on her and that he makes no threats in the wind. She asks Swan to keep their relationship confidential and joins his team. In front of Teyssier, she pretends that she is no longer seeing Swan.

Noémie does not show up for training and does not answer calls from her assistants. Marius fears that something has happened to him. Greg thinks his childhood friend should stop making movies. He imagines that the chef may have heard from Alban. Finally, Marius manages to convince his friend to go looking for him. All of Noémie’s belongings have disappeared from her room! As they leave, they come across Eliott who sees that they are anxious. He accuses them of having slept together. Greg refutes in an annoyed tone, which does not please Eliott at all. The latter now wants to take a break with his boyfriend. Greg and Marius later learn from Chef Delobel that Noémie would have left the championship due to a personal imperative.

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