here is where to eat the Margherita, Reines or four of the most delicious cheeses in the capital!

Pizza is an art in which few excel. However, many put their hand to the pizza dough: the Neapolitans wanted it honeycombed, the Romans thought it more crunchy, the Sicilians imagined it with fine wheat semolina…Later, the Americans appropriate this emblem of Italian cuisine. Softer, more cheesy, American pizza is the laughing stock of purists. However, the Pepperoni who signed Sony’s Pizza, in the 11th arrondissement of Paris seems to us more than convincing. Even more recently, South American pizza has conquered the capital. Paris Bocalocated in the 9th arrondissement, serves – among other Argentinian specialties – the Fugazzeta rellena made with Argentinian mozzarella (muzza) and fondant onions.

Since you have to give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s, we decided to focus on Italian pizza to achieve this improvised list. Discover the intramural addresses that have changed our lives. Or maybe just our days, but that’s already a lot.

Our top 5 in 2021

1. Guillaume Grasso45 Rue Brancion, 75015 Paris

The pizzeria offers Neapolitan pizzas cooked over a wood fire at 400 degrees. Before being garnished with succulent products (aubergines which we will remember in particular), the dough has risen at room temperature. This joyful program not only earned him the official recognition of the Neapolitan pizza protection association, but also our most total admiration (and our 3 reservations per week).

2. Catherine7 Avenue Rachel, 75018 Paris

Caterina is theoutsider Of the band. This restaurant located between Pigalle and Place de Clichy, discovered a little by chance, has nothing to envy to the cuisine you will taste in Naples. Sublime zucchini pasta, excellent pasta alla vongole and fabulous Neapolitan pizzas. Yes, superlatives abound because these are the only words that come to mind… That is to say the level of this pretty address, to be tested before it becomes a victim of its success, which can only be crazy.

3. Peppe2 Pl. Saint-Blaise, 75020 Paris

Best pizzeria in Europe according to the specialized site 50 Best Pizzas, Peppe is indeed a winner. Book several weeks in advance to be able to taste this champion in all categories, closely followed by Dalmatian (16th place) and Guillaume Grasso (25th place).

4.Dalmata8 Rue Tiquetonne, 75002 Paris

Quality pizza, exposed stone wall, candy pink decor and a prime location in the 2nd arrondissement… It’s all there. And unsurprisingly, it works!

5. Sette38 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, 75010 Paris

Finally, it seemed unthinkable not to mention Sette, the Sicilian pizzeria “ per tutti“. Here, we sit around extendable tables and get lost in an extendable pizza menu. You can even add certain ingredients that you select from a list…extensive! The wheat semolina dough is crunchy, the toppings are generous and the prices abnormally reasonable.


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