Here is the technique to make a soggy pizza ultra crispy

Tired of eating a soggy pizza every time… You want to enjoy a hot, crispy and ultra cheesy pizza, right?

It must be said that you love pizza, hence the fact that you often order it. However, the fact that they soften bothers you a bit. If you could eat your oriental or your always crispy Neapolitan, that would suit you. Very often, when we order a pizza, when we receive it on delivery, it is very soft. However, coming out of the oven, it is crunchy.

The journey is the main cause of this phenomenon. But, you don’t want to settle for a soft pizza. Rest assured, we have found an effective technique to warm it up and not only!

By scrupulously following our steps, you will have the feeling that your pizza comes straight from the wood oven!

What is the unstoppable technique to make a soggy pizza crispy?

Do you usually put your pizza in the oven as soon as the delivery guy delivers it to you? Many people have this reflex thinking that this action will keep the pizza warm. Unfortunately, this is an error! Indeed, this trick is not necessarily ideal insofar as the dough may dry out, the filling will become stunted and the tomato sauce may burn. Hence the fact that we advise you not to keep this habit.

TikTok is more than just a social network, it’s alibaba’s cave. We recently found a method to finally enjoy a crispy pizza rather than a soggy pizza. And, the method is much simpler and easier than one would have imagined.

Just reheat it in the pan! Amazing isn’t it?

Now, what are the good practices to know to succeed in making your pizza crispy?

What should be done?

To start, you need one or more pans. It all depends on how many pizzas you order. Then you will come and cut your pizza into slices. Then, it will be necessary to heat the pan over very high heat and of course without added fat.

As soon as the pan is hot enough, you will come to lay out all the parts of the pizza and add a tablespoon of water. Cover the pan and let it heat up for at least another minute. Note that the filling should bubble a few times and the batter should just start to smoke. It is at this precise moment that your pizza will be ready and you can enjoy it.

Finally, thanks to this remarkable trick, you will be able to eat your pizzas even if the delivery man is late in the delivery. If you are really addicted to pizza, here is a 100% healthy recipe to make at home. Thus, you can both have fun and at the same time take care of your line and your health. Because an excess of pizza consumption is not necessarily a good thing to do.


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