Here is the craziest pizza of spring and it is signed Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is never short of ideas when it comes to extreme indulgence. After having proposed last year a rectangular pizza of nearly one meter, composed of 36 parts, the sign launches today a new totally delirious creation. Called Crunchy Cheezy Crust Lay’s, it should delight lovers of food porn. His particuliarity ? Its particularly generous dough. To concoct this recipe, Pizza Hut relies on its legendary cheezy crust, this dough topped with melting cheese created in 1995 which has largely contributed to the success of the brand. But this time, Pizza Hut energizes it by dressing it all around with an incredible mix of crushed plain Lay’s crisps and… shredded cheddar cheese. Result in the mouth: a texture that combines the crispness of crisps with the melting of cheese. Did you say greedy?

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Pizza Hut: Crunchy Cheezy Crust Lay’s is sold in limited edition

Coming straight from Latin America, Crunchy Cheezy Crust Lay’s pizza is making its first steps in Europe this spring, with a first launch in France since April 5th. It will then be Germany’s turn to test this recipe next week. To garnish it, gourmets have a choice. Fans of classic pizzas can enjoy it in a margherita or 4 cheese version. Fans of originality can, for their part, set their sights on mountain recipes, honey goat cheese or even… raclette. Note that Crunchy Cheezy Crust Lay’s is sold in a limited edition until September 5th.

Pizza Crunchy Cheezy Crust Lay’s, on sale at Pizza Hut until September 5, 2022.

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