Healthy, light and vegetable pizza dough

The secret ofa good pizza also holds in its dough! Soft, crunchy, thick, topped with cheese… there’s something for everyone! What if we innovated by opting for a totally different recipe?

Vegetable-based pizza dough

Not really easy to make, pizza dough has (sometimes) a knack for spoiling our pizzas home ! And when – for a whole host of reasons – we venture into the preparation of a gluten free pizza dough, the disappointment is often up to the challenge! The alternative ? Simply replace pizza dough!

With the advent of flexitarianism, more plant-based cuisine and gluten-free diets, there are a multitude of options for preparing a Pizza dough ! The opportunity to satisfy fans of this ultra-popular recipe but also followers of a more restrictive diet!

How to make pizza without pizza dough?

Bet on vegetable-based preparations! The most popular ? Cauliflower pizza dough (1 whole cauliflower mixed, mixed with 2 whole eggs, salt, pepper and oregano) – the best known alternative for dieters gluten free -, but also recipes based on zucchini, sweet potatoes, lentils etc… Another option to try? Oat flakes, which make it possible to prepare a healthy and light recipe. Finally, we also think of the zero headache option: the slice of watermelon! Decorated with tomatoes, basil and feta for a tasty starter or an aperitif or in a sweet pizza version with seasonal fruits simply placed on top: ultra-refreshing and original to bluff in summer!

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