Google honors Neapolitan pizza

Through this classification, UNESCO therefore recognizes the art of the pizza maker, which it classifies into three categories: the master pizza maker: the one who prepares the pizza. He is considered a “guardian of tradition” and transmits the technique and recipe of Neapolitan pasta. The apprentice pizza maker: the one who assists the master and benefits from his secrets. The fornaio: said “the oven”, the one who shapes the dough into a disc and cooks it.

Play pizza maker

For the occasion, Google decided to honor this popular dish with an interactive doodle. In the form of a game, the search engine has been presenting its users since Monday with several of the most popular pizza toppings from around the world, which must be cut into a specific number of parts. The more difficult the order, the more stars you will earn.

Among the eleven pizzas offered to Internet users, we find the Margherita pizza, the pepperoni pizza, the white pizza, the Calabresa pizza, the Muzzarella pizza, the Hawaiian pizza, the Magyaros pizza, the teriyaki mayonnaise pizza, the Tom Yum pizza, the Paneer Tikka pizza and finally the dessert pizza.

A little history

The Pizza Marguerita, in homage to Queen Margaret of Savoy

In 2019, a study by the YouGov Institute revealed that Italian gastronomy was the most popular in the world. But if the Italian culinary specialties, with simple and gourmet recipes, are numerous, the most emblematic of them remains the pizza. Recognized worldwide, this popular dish was born in Naples where it appeared at the end of the 1700s. The first pizzeria was also created in Naples in 1738: it is the Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba restaurant which is still in operation today.

It was with the arrival of Queen Margaret of Savoy in Naples in 1889 that Neapolitan pizza was truly exported throughout Italy. During this trip, chef Rafaelle Esposito would have asked her: “Majesty, allow this pizza to bear your name” and would have created especially for her the famous Pizza Marguerita in the colors of Italy. The export of Neapolitan pizza will then intensify with the emigration from southern Italy to northern Italy and that of Italians to other countries such as the United States during the 20th century.

The worldwide success of Neapolitan pizza

Both in its recipes and in its dough, the pizza is very varied. In Italy, there are mainly two types of pizzas: the so-called Roman pizza, with a thin and crispy dough, and the Neapolitan pizza with a more fluffy and airy dough. The latter is today one of the best-selling and most consumed products on the whole globe.

Currently, more than 5 billion pizzas are consumed worldwide each year and more than 350 slices are tasted every second in the United States, with France being the second largest pizza-consuming country behind the country of Uncle Sam.

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