Georges-Alain Jones unrecognizable: the former Star Academy has changed a lot

Even if he has become very rare in recent years, Georges-Alain Jones remains in the hearts of his fans. On social networks, the forties post his photos to please them.

Georges-Alain Jones: his shock secrets

There was a time when the “Star Academy” was one of the most watched shows in France. At the same time, it’s quite normal, because this program was a forerunner in terms of singing competitions in France.

Thus, even if the show is no longer broadcast, the good memories it left to French viewers remain. The less young among us have not forgotten the candidates who made the glory of the program there. Among them are contest winnersnamely Gregory Lemarchal, Jenifer or even Nolwen Leroy.

There are also other contestants who did not win the competition, but won the hearts of the public. This is the case of Jean-Pascal as well as Olivia Ruiz. The latter were able to make room for themselves in the music despite their defeat.

During season 2 of the show, Georges-Alain Jones conquered the public, even if it was Nolwen Leroy who was the winner. By the way, speaking of which, the handsome brunette did shocking revelations on the program. Invited to Le Parisien in 2020, the ex-candidate revealed that the “Star Academy” was “rigged”.

“I had discovered that it was me and Emma Daumas who had to go to the final,” he said.

Is it for this reason thathe was not present during the celebration of the 20 years of the program? I don’t know. In any case, his confidences had made people talk about him at the time. Some participants did not agree with him.

Georges-Alain Jones, what has become of him?

While candidates like Jenifer continue to shine on the music scene, Georges-Alain, him, has become very discreet. However, despite this relative discretion, he has not really moved away from the world of show business. Indeed, for some time he has been working as Sportscaster Skiing and Snowboarding. A position he officiates at Canal+ International and L’Équipe.

Otherwise, Georges-Alain Jones did not draw a definitive line to the music. The former “Star Academy” candidate also unveiled his new title on social networks a few weeks ago. In addition to music, Georges-Alain also shares his photos on his Instagram account. The least we can say is that the handsome brunette has changed a lot.

In effect, at the age of 46, Georges-Alain Jones seems to have completely changed his look. Today, the forties is indeed turned blonde. A color that suits him perfectly. His fans did not hesitate to compliment him when they saw this new dye.

If some find it “beautiful”, others have compared their hair to that of Georges-Alain. Comments that prove that the ex-participant of “Star Academy” remains in the hearts of his fans.

Find out what happened to the other candidates

In addition to Georges-Alain Jones, there are also other “Star’Ac” candidates who will never be forgotten. This is the case of Mario Barravecchia. Remember, it was this man who faced Jenifer during the season 1 finale. Although he didn’t win the competition, he still achieved a certain notoriety.

Mario Barravecchia completely changed domain after the competition. Indeed, the handsome brunette has decided to turn to politics after his defeat. He is notably the founder of a medium called Welcome magazine. In 2020, Mario also wanted to run for the municipal elections of Beaune.

For her part, Aurélie Konaté is also an emblematic candidate of the “Star Academy”. Remember that it was in season 3 of the competition that the general public discovered it. Since then, she has become famous, especially in the cinema and in the theater. Indeed, the beautiful brunette played in the musical ” Beautiful beautiful beautiful “.

Then, in 2013 until 2016, she performed the role of Aurélie Constantin in “Camping Paradise”. She also starred in “Tomorrow belongs to us” before leaving the program in 2019.

During season 3, we also met Patxi Garat. Music enthusiast, this one has never left this domain since. He is indeed a songwriter and has written a few hit songs. The artist is for example at the origin of ” Day 1 “ by Louanne.

He also composed the famous Rock Voisine song, ” Everything bring me back to you “. Then in 2018, Patxi Garat wrote a song for the Urgence homophobia association. The title is called ” Of love “.

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