Gad Elmaleh: His sublime ex who had made the buzz got married, revelations

She had succumbed to Gad Elmaleh, a few years ago now. In October 2016, the sublime Elisa Meliani, model and now also an influencer, then made the front page of Here, with the famous humorist. Some time earlier, the stunning brunette had stood out when Kendall Jenner had posted one of her photos. Invited on the set of the Grand Journal, Elisa Meliani had delivered herself, sharing her astonishment: “I didn’t immediately understand what was going on, but I’m extremely flattered that this photo inspired her.” Since then, many things have happened in his life and Gad Elmaleh’s ex even got married.

If she was revealed for many as the companion of Gad Elmaleh, the one who panicked the Web, with her sexy photos, also posed many times for the famous brand of lingerie Aubade. Very discreet, she is followed by nearly 130k subscribers on Instagram. His career is now managed by the Futur MGMT agency, according to his bio on his profile. And if Gad Elmaleh has always remained mysterious and secret about his love life since his separation from the mother of his son Raphaël, Charlotte Casiraghi, Elisa Meliani, she has made it known that she is now married.

Photos of the wedding unveiled, a sumptuous setting

Engaged last February, she finally married on May 30, 2022. Officially becoming Mrs. Elisa Meliani Baron, she even decided to change her name on the social network. The 33-year-old top shared many snapshots of this day marked forever in her memory, as well as in that of her husband.

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