Fumal. After take-out pizzas, Christ’Al Pizzeria offers indoor service

Since its opening, Christ’Al Pizzeria has been offering pizzas to take away but today you can also eat there and it is in the town center of Fumel where you can easily park.

The Fumélois and people passing through have appreciated Christiane and Alain’s pizzas since their beginning and the orders have confirmed their choice to offer quality products, whether it is their local cheeses, their meat, merguez, chopped from the local butcher and their price. are accessible.

They love their job and it shows. “The homemade dough is neither too thick nor too thin and its crunchiness is appreciated by our customers,” says Alain, the pizza maker owner.

Do not hesitate to come and order pizzas with a “biker” connotation or to come to their pizzeria to taste them at the table.

A choice of 24 medium-sized pizzas based on tomato or cream where you should not hesitate to indicate your preferences with your base at your convenience, and an egg can complete this one on request. An indoor menu is offered with a pizza, salad, gourmet coffee and for children a small pizza and a dessert.

Their loyalty card is also on the theme of motorcycles and their formula is nice because for a pizza purchased, a collection of one point and for ten points a pizza offered.

Wednesday to Sunday evening, 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Christ’Al Pizzeria, 14, rue de la République, in Fumel Tel. 05 53 75 09 89.

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