Fugazzi Pizza announces the opening of a 3rd address in this neighborhood of Montreal

The Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district will soon have a new pizzeria thanks to the eminent opening of a Fugazzi Pizza on Ontario Street.

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Indeed, Fugazzi Pizza recently announced the opening of a 3rd address in Montreal. After Pointe-Saint-Charles and the Mile-End, the famous pizzeria is coming to the east end of Montreal, in Hochelaga.

Whether it’s to drink a good bottle of wine, taste a “funky” artisanal pizza or to enjoy the decor (which is likely to be just as eccentric as that of the first two addresses), it is certain that this new addition to the neighborhood will be appreciated.

Residents of the neighborhood won’t have to wait long since the pizzeria will open this Wednesday, July 27 from 4 p.m.

“We can’t wait to meet our new neighbours! We are waiting for you with the oven on and the doors wide open!” writes the Fugazzi in a post on his social networks.

This new Fugazzi will take up the “Presto” concept for take-out orders and dinners on the go. As in the Mile-End, a few tables will be set up in the room for a quick bite to eat. To stay longer and enjoy a more extensive menu, it’s at Fugazzi Pointe-Saint-Charles that you have to make an appointment.

Fugazzi Pizza Presto Mile-End

5417 St. Laurent Blvd.

Fugazzi Pizza Pointe-Saint-Charles

1886 Center Street

Fugazzi Pizza Presto Hochelaga

3905 Ontario Street East

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