French application publishers file a complaint and claim 1 billion dollars

Apple: French application publishers file a complaint and claim 1 billion dollars

Le Figaro and l’Équipe are attacking the American giant, denouncing its commercial practices.

Le Geste, a federation of 140 French publishers, has decided to take up arms against the Cupertino company. Represented by Le Figaro and l’Équipe, respectively president and vice-president, this group has decided to file a complaint with the American courts, in California, on behalf of the publishers of applications on iOS. This federation does not itself publish an application, it is the two leaders who had to file the appeal.

“This is an unprecedented legal action in terms of its size, scope and challenges. We defend French publishers, but we open the way to those around the world and to a global solution “Explains Bertrand Gié, president of Le Geste and director of the News section of Le Figaro. Among the criticisms made, the validation rules for applications on iOS are deemed to be not very transparent and put developers at risk of being excluded from the store. In addition, access to customer data is considered too limited and the Geste therefore wants more fluidity, more alternative payment systems and more flexible tariff levels.

Apple’s strategy is to change its position only when it is forced to, by implementing solutions that apply within the limits of the borders of the countries in question. However, all publishers suffer the same rules and the same prejudices “, points the finger Fayrouze Masmi-Dazi, lawyer of the Gesture. The latter explains that the objective is to globalize litigation, since the rules put in place by the American giant in the USA are applied to the rest of the world.

In addition to the requested structural changes, the plaintiffs are also seeking relief and damages could be in excess of $1 billion.

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