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Reality Fruit and Saplings was an entirely new concept introduced in Fortnite Season 3 that gave players a unique way to loot weapons and consumables. However, the XP gained from claiming the loot from the sapling was much more than the chest and was undefinable. For now, it looks like Epic decided to cap it for some reason.

Fortnite’s loot system has always relied on chests and supplies other than floor loot which players rely on to get their hands on various tiers of weapons and consumables. From Chapter 1 until now, the loot system has remained stagnant and players used to identify POIs with most chest spawns.

It was with the release of Chapter 3 Season 3 that things took a weird turn and loopers started relying on a plant to get more loot than the chest spawns in a POI. Reality Fruit carries Epic to Legendary loot most of the time, while Chest spawns usually reward a player with Uncommon to Rare weapon loot.


However, when a player picks up fruit loot from a Reality Sapling, they are rewarded with insane amounts of XP, which is way more than when opening a chest. As soon as the devs took notice of how players were only picking Reality fruit and weeds in an entire match to farm XP, they eventually decided to cap it for good.

Epic limits the amount of XP earned when picking Reality Fruit/Weed

Yesterday, in a recent patch, Epic corrected the number of times a player can earn XP by performing the two main actions related to Reality Sapling. These are the picking of a fruit of reality and the picking of the weeds growing around it.

In an in-game method, players discovered that when a Supercharged XP is in play, picking a fruit grants them over 4000 XP in one go. Picking three equals over 12,000 XP and beyond that, picking one weed equals over 24,000 XP a player would get from a single sapling.

Exploiting this method, the Striders used it to their advantage to level up from level 5 to 6 in a single match by only picking fruit and grass from around 20 saplings. The limit has now been capped at 15 times in a single match.

This means that a player will only get XP for the first 15 fruits and weeds they pick in a single match. After that, no XP will be awarded for any of these actions.

This bold move from Epic was praised by many and at the same time some players were upset to see one of their favorite XP farming methods capped. However, loopers are discovering new ways to farm XP using Creative AFK XP glitches and cards.

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