Finalist of the Apple Design Awards, the Navi application will not survive iOS 16

Yet selected by Apple at WWDC 2022, Navi will soon bow out. As a reminder, this utility uses SharePlay to perform a real-time text transcription of a FaceTime conversation. A translation function in 20 foreign languages ​​is even available, which makes Navi a very practical tool for the hearing impaired but also for interlocutors who do not speak the same language.

Finalist – but not winner – of the Apple Design Awards, this application very quickly suffered from the new accessibility functions announced by Apple last May. From iOS 16, it will indeed be possible to activate automatic subtitles for all audio content, which risks automatically “sherlocking” Navi.

This is not the only reason, however: Jordi Bruin, the developer of Navi, explained in a tweet that it was now impossible in iOS 16 to access the audio stream generated by the microphone. He therefore made the decision to remove the translation function from Navi today, and to remove the entire application once the final version of iOS 16 is released. Good player, the developer emphasizes all the same that this project will have been very rewarding and rich in lessons.


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