Father stabbed to death by his 13-year-old daughter: what is a “creepy pasta”, an urban legend at the origin of the murder?

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Two minor girls aged 13 and 14 were imprisoned on Tuesday March 15 in Hérault. The two friends are presumed accomplices in the murder of the father of one of them. The two young girls would have been influenced by the universe of “creepy pasta”, these gloomy urban legends which flourish on the internet. Decryption.

“Slenderman”, “Laughing Jack”, “Jeff the killer”… These names mean nothing to you, but are nevertheless well known to fans of “creepy pasta”, these horrific urban legends circulating on the net. From the contraction of English words creepy (scary) and copy paste (copy-paste, designating a text widely copied and distributed on the internet), the universe of “creepy pasta” has largely developed in the course of the 2000s.

It is watered with these scary stories that two young girls aged 13 and 14 murdered a father in his villa in a residential area, in the town of Fabrègues, west of Montpellier in the Hérault, relates Free lunch. Hit in the lung, the victim and father of one of the two girls succumbed to his stab wounds. His wife and one of their three children were also seriously injured by the same weapon. The youngest daughter, spared in extremis, witnessed the tragedy.

“Fascinated by an imaginary character”

According to our colleagues, the two young women would have premeditated their crime, fueled by the universe of “creepy pasta”. On social networks, one of them had chosen as an avatar a photo of “Jeff the Killer”, a teenage serial killer who lost his mind after being burned and disfigured. Of course, nothing in this story is true, but it is clear that these urban legends have a good share on the internet.

According to Claude Aiguevives, psychiatrist in Béziers and expert with the Montpellier Court of Appeal, quoted by Free lunchthe young women would have been “fascinated by an imaginary character, who is first an avatar, then who becomes the double of himself, then who acts in the place of the minor, without there being any more capacity to ‘self-criticism’.

Slender Man, “first great myth of the web”

always according to Free lunch, the two young girls also mentioned to the investigators the legend of the “Slender Man”, probably the most famous fictional character from the universe of “creepy pasta”. Meaning “thin man” in English, this humanoid “monster” with abnormally long arms and a featureless face stalks and abducts children.

Described by the BBC as the first great web myth, the “Slender Man” has fueled urban legends on the internet for many years.

In 2018, a tragedy similar to that of Wednesday March 16 occurred in the United States. Two American women, 12 years old at the time of the facts, had wanted to prove the existence of the “Slender Man” by stabbing one of their comrades nineteen times. Psychiatric confinement was then required by a court in Wisconsin, as reported by CNN.

In the Hérault, “given the young age of the two respondents and the family setting in which the facts took place”, the Montpellier prosecutor’s office did not wish to communicate other elements, but specified that the two young girls were imprisoned.

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