everything you need to know 3 years from its commercialization

The latest news is that the autonomous Apple Car is scheduled to arrive in 2025. The Apple firm is working hard on it, but not everything will go as planned.

Apple’s car, the Car, also known as Project Titan, has been making a lot of noise lately. A lot of information and rumors have just been published in the American and German press, enough to allow us to take stock of what we know while its marketing is planned for 2025.

An arrival scheduled for 2025 thanks to Lamborghini?

This date, 2025, has already been announced in the past, not by the American company, but through various rumors. The German media Automobilwoche drives the point home again and thinks he too knows that the Apple Car will see the light of day in three years. Nothing new under the sun ? It was without counting on the other information released this summer!

The first is the arrival of Luigi Taraborrell, a pundit who worked 20 years at Lamborghini. He would now be responsible for the chassis part and the road behavior of the Apple Car according to information from the very serious media Bloomberg. The latter reaffirms Apple’s desire to lift the veil on its autonomous and electric car ” later in the decade “.

248 patent applications filed by Apple!

The second information is the staggering number of patent applications filed by Apple in recent years around the automobile. The Asian mediaNikkei went to dig into the patents published by the firm of Tim Cook. Since 2000, Apple has released 248 patents relating to the automotive industry. In the lot, there are of course patents related to the iPhone, the CarPlay system and Apple Maps. But not only.

We thus find 18% of patents relating to autonomous driving, 6% of patents relating to doors, seats, windows and lights as well as 4% of patents addressing the subject of traction batteries and heating management. The largest share (36%) of patents refer to communication and navigation and therefore do not necessarily concern the Apple Car itself.

In detail, Apple has filed patent applications relating to the driving comfort, relating to the seats and suspensions. But also on V2X technology ( vehicle-to-everything or vehicle-to-everything in French) which brings together all the techniques allowing cars to communicate with each other, but also with connected objects and therefore the Internet of Things. The best example is Audi’s Traffic Light Information feature which allows communication with traffic lights.

A real Apple car, electric and autonomous

If these patents are to be believed, Apple would really like to create its own car and not offer other manufacturers an autonomous car software platform as some rumors have suggested. Apple would thus go against the current of Google which, for its part, does not want to create a car, but simply an autonomous driving technology with its company Waymo.

Patents also confirm thatApple is actively working on autonomous driving, in practice and not just on paper. In particular, she asked for permission to do so in traffic jams on American highways.

If most of the patents relating to communication were in collaboration with Intel at the start, they now forget the American founder. Which is not surprising when you know that Apple is now designing its processors, with the Apple M1 and M2 chips. What to imagine that they will be ubiquitous in future autonomous cars from the Apple brand.

A recent accident

Apple’s Project Titan appears to be in good shape, but a lengthy media article The Informationon the Apple Car highlights a very important problem that the engineers dedicated to the project are currently encountering. A few months ago, the Apple Car, driving autonomously on the open road, almost knocked over ajogger. The engineer sitting behind the wheel was able to regain control in time and press the brake pedal to avoid the accident.

The journalist managed to find out, through sources inside Apple, that the project had a major problem. The Apple Car would have no trouble traveling on roads mapped by the Plans teams, but as soon as the car ventures off the beaten path, she would constantly ask the driver to take over.

A car without steering wheel or pedal for 2025?

We also learn that Apple would try to pass an incongruous request: the possibility of circulating on American roads a vehicle completely devoid of pedals and steering wheels. On the form, the autonomous and electric car from Apple would resemble a Volkswagen Beetle (with its rounded roof) inside which four passengers would face each other, via two rows of seats.

It seems that the road is still long for Apple before being able to market its Car, electric and autonomous car. We know, however, the strike force of Apple, with a monster cash and several thousand employees working on the Titan project. But don’t forget that Apple is also a company notorious for canceling products at the last minute, whether announced, like the AirPower, or not, like the Mac Pro M1.

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