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Apple will probably present the Apple Watch SE 2 in 2022. A few years after the introduction of the original model, the company is preparing a second generation. While not much is expected to change, here’s what we know so far about Apple’s current plans for this watch.

Design and size

In one of his To light up newsletters, BloombergMark Gurman said the Apple Watch SE 2 would not have the larger display introduced with the Apple Watch Series 7. He said:

The SE will stick to the screen size of the current model, rather than jumping to the bigger size of the 7-series. But it may get the same S8 chip as the 8-series, an upgrade from the S5 in the current SE from 2020.

With that in mind, it’s unclear if Apple will bring an always-on display with this model. Even with 40mm and 44mm, Apple Watch Series 5 and Apple Watch Series 6 both featured this technology. Other than that, don’t expect any drastic changes as they say for the Apple Watch Pro.

Will the Apple Watch SE 2 have the same processor?

The original Apple Watch SE includes the S5 chip, which was made available with the Apple Watch Series 5. It was similar to the one introduced earlier, the S4.

Currently, rumors suggest that the Apple Watch Series 8 will feature the same processor as the current generation – and the one before it. With the S6 chip, Apple was able to make it 20% faster than the old model.

Since Apple hasn’t updated the processor in recent years, it’s likely that the Apple Watch SE 2 chip will be as fast as the one available in the Apple Watch Series 8 or “Pro”, although some features may be missing.

What sensors will the Apple Watch SE 2 have?

The original Apple Watch SE does not have the Blood Oxygen app or the ECG app. Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman has already reported that this watch will not have the long-awaited body temperature sensor, indicating that Apple may add the blood oxygen monitor or at least the ability to take an ECG with the Apple Watch. SE 2.

Other than that, Apple may be planning to update some of the older sensors in light of the Apple Watch Series 8 announcement.


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As Apple finally plans to get rid of the Apple Watch Series 3, the Apple Watch SE 2 will likely be the budget version for those considering getting an Apple Watch.

If plans don’t change, expect the second-generation Apple Watch SE 2 to start from $279, which is the current price of the original model. On Amazon Store it is possible to find the current generation in a better offer.

When will Apple launch the Apple Watch SE 2

This Apple Watch will likely be announced in September. If Apple follows the trend of previous years, it will be unveiled at the iPhone 14 event in a few weeks.


Those are the Apple Watch SE 2 rumors so far. Don’t expect any major improvements, just a few tweaks here and there. When Apple launched this watch, the company said it could be the perfect fit for older people or kids who don’t have an iPhone.

Let’s see if the company changes its strategy and how this watch will be positioned with the Apple Watch Series 8 and a rumor that Apple Watch Pro is expected to launch in a few months.

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