Euromillions: 15 million pizzas, 4,800 years at Disneyland… what you can afford with 230 million euros

The 230 million euros put into play by the Euromillions were won this Tuesday, July 19.

A colossal sum, which could well radically change a life. 230 million euros, the biggest jackpot ever put into play at EuroMillions, has just been won this Tuesday, July 19. According to our colleagues from Parisianthe winner would be a resident of the United Kingdom – one of the nine countries, including France, to take part in the game. The lucky winner will be able to afford beautiful, very beautiful gifts… here are a few examples.

153,333 kilos of Périgord black truffles

The kilo being sold for around 1,500 euros, the winner can buy more than 153,000 kilos of Périgord black truffles. Enough to sublimate his next recipes.

Or 15 million pizzas

Eating too much fat is not good for health, however, a good pizza is never refused when the occasion is right. If the pizza costs 15 euros, you will be able to order more than 15 million.

2,588 nights in the most expensive hotel room in the world

At 100,000 dollars per night, or 88,857 euros, the Empathy Suite at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas in the United States is the most expensive hotel room, according to the magazine Elite Traveler. What to live seven years on the spot, provided not to lose everything at the casino before, recalls CNews.

The good life

And why not become a castellan? Capital lists 10 castles for less than 500,000 euros, so nothing to ruin the new multimillionaire. In Occitania, more precisely in Haute-Garonne, you have for example the Saint-Gaudens castlewith 13 rooms, 430 m², sold for the modest sum of 364,500 euros.

More than 9 Rolls-Royces

The multimillionaire could also afford nine Rolls-Royce Boat Tail, the most expensive car in the world!

Two years of income from Cristiano Ronaldo

The income of “CR7” between May 2021 and May 2022 has been estimated at 110 million euros. Earning 230 million euros is therefore equivalent to earning just over two years of income from the Portuguese footballer.

Over 250,000 iPhones

For 230 million euros, you can be the proud owner of 252,691 iPhone 13 of 128 Gb.

More than 2 million fill-ups

With prices at the pump soaring, we all dream of it. The winner of the super jackpot can easily afford 108,798,486 liters of diesel and 115,869,017 liters of 95 petrol. gasoline, details the

Thousands of years at Disneyland

The winner will have the opportunity to tour the attractions. A one-day entry for the two Disneyland Paris parks (Disneyland + Walt Disney Studios) costs €130 for an adult. At this price, he (or she) can therefore afford 1,769,230 days in the famous Parisian amusement park, which corresponds to 4,847 years.

More than 121 million metro tickets

Hard to believe that the multimillionaire will always take the weather, but you never know.

Holidays… in space

vacation in space are also possible. Indeed, since August, Virgin Galactic offers a trip of a few minutes in space, with 100 tickets sold since August at 450,000 dollars each.

How about an island?

CNews lists 10 paradise islands for sale. The winner is therefore spoiled for choice. For example: “Lake winter island” in the United States, at the modest sum of 505,993 euros. Or why not: the island of Breviksnas Alska in Sweden. A space of 8,500 square meters for 719,599 euros.

The next cycle, scheduled for this Friday, July 22, will restart at 17 million euros. This stems directly from the change in the rules made in 2020 and which provides for an evolution of the maximum ceiling of the jackpot of 10 million euros between 200 and 250 million euros at most, recalls BFM TV.

Information: playing involves risks: isolation, dependence… Call 09 74 75 13 13 (non-surcharged call), if you want help.

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